July 2014 Edition

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Dear Member,

SACSA offers comprehensive career services to members enhancing professional development success in student affairs. From resume review and access to job postings to webinars, seminars, and networking opportunities, SACSA is here to support your career development. Visit our website, and take advantage of the career services offered through SACSA!


Matt Varga
Vice President, Marketing and Outreach

President's Corner


SACSA offers a research sharing system called SACSAworks where members can upload their current research or scholarly works for other members to view.

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Leadership Nominations

We have begun nominations for SACSA Leadership. Please take a moment and nominate fellow SACSA members for leadership positions.

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SACSA Foundation

The SACSA Foundation has launched the Drive to 65K campaign. This goal will allow the foundation to fund a variety of new initiatives across SACSA.

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Awards Nominations

We are excited to announce we are accepting nominations of your fellow SACSA Colleagues for all their great work!

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Calling Committee Volunteers!

We want to get you connected! SACSA offers an emerging leadership development program to connect you with the association in a way that fits with your needs. Take a short online survey, and the Talent Development Committee will make involvement recommendations that are sure to a great fit!

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Listen to a talk with Danielle Morgan Acosta about her January-February 2014 About Campus article on Twitter and its impact on social capital and digital citizenship in higher education.

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Please recommend a colleague!

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Register for the 2014 Conference!

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Learn abou the SACSA foundation!

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Review the Career Services Center!

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