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SACSA supports research and scholarly publication through a variety of efforts including the College Student Affairs Journal, research grants, dissertation of the year award, and other initiatives.
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The Southern Association for College Student Affairs is an independent, regional, and generalist association designed for the professional development of practitioners, educators, and students engaged in the student affairs profession.
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A Message from President Jason Cassidy…

"Over the last 14 years, I have been given opportunities to volunteer at conferences; serve as the Sponsors & Exhibitors Chair; once as a Conference Registration Chair; and as a Reviewer of the College Student Affairs Journal.  All of these volunteer opportunities have lead me to this point, and I am honored to serve this Association‚Ķ"

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Our Mission
The mission of the Southern Association for College Student Affairs is to advance:
  • Opportunities for professional development;
  • Scholarship, research, and ethical practice; and
  • Understanding of issues impacting students and the student affairs profession, while fostering our core values of inclusiveness, professionalism, and collegiality.