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August 2007 SACSA-lert
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August 2007


In this issue of the SACSA-lert, you will find:


President's Report


2007 Conference Program Update 

2007 Conference Information (Registration & Hotel Reservations Available!)


2008 New Professionals Institute


Research Tip  ("Developing a Writing Schedule")


Executive Council Nominations

The Journal of College Student Affairs: Call for Associate Editors and Reviewers


Announcement: The 18th Annual Institute on College Student Values

Annoucement: Pace University Drive-In Conference: LAID TO REST? The N-Word and Other Language of "Dissed" Respect



By Bob Glenn, SACSA President




By the time most of you see this your school year will be well under way.  Long months of planning and preparation, combined with hard work will reap the dividends of student satisfaction.  While you have been busy preparing for the return of your students, your Executive Council has been busy preparing for our annual conference.  Although the conference, which will be November 3 – 6 in Dallas, seems a long way off, those of you who have worked on the conference before know that we are now in the home stretch.  The members of the executive team have been working long and hard to develop a conference worthy of your participation.  We will have a number of new features and returning features for your benefit.


Because we are always concerned about the ability of graduate students to participate in the conference, we have added two new features we believe will help.  The first is that we have added a continental breakfast break every morning.  Come and get that "eye-opening” cup of coffee, or some juice and pastries as you head to your first session.  As always we have a number of evening receptions that feature heavy hors d'oeuvres for those on a tight budget.  And, a new feature for those institutions with graduate programs, SACSA will provide those graduate schools that bring multiple graduate students a grant of $50.00 per student to help defray the cost of buses or rental vehicles. 


A returning feature for this year is the revival of the Awards Luncheon.  Again we hope this will help take care of those graduate students, as well as give us an opportunity to more formally celebrate the accomplishments of our members.  As a side note, TACUSPA members will be attending a separate awards luncheon as this is a long-time tradition of their fall gathering. 


A new feature for this conference will be an opening key-note address rather than the usual SACSA Business Meeting.  The Business Meeting will instead be scheduled, along with breakfast, for Sunday Morning.  We hope this will allow you to "kill two birds with one stone.”  You can start your day with a good breakfast as well participate in the business of the association. 


I hope you are already making plans to join for this year’s conference.  I was excited to learn that we already had almost fifty conference registrations at the beginning of August.  I encourage you to take advantage of the on-line registration that is available through our new and improved web-site.  My thanks to Brianne Meagher for her hard work on the new web-site. 


In our next newsletter we will bring you some news about the speakers and special programs your conference planning team have confirmed.  In the meantime, have a great opening.  I wish each of you a "Happy New Year” as you start another fall semester. See you in Dallas!

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By Melissa Shivers, Program Chair




November 3 – 6, 2007

Addison, Texas


Civility and Community: Exploring the New Frontier




The SACSA and NASPA Region III with TACUSPA conference will be included in the August 9th Texas edition of DIVERSE issues in Higher Education!  Please be sure to look for our ad in this special edition of DIVERSE.


Is your institution, committee, or organization interested in hosting a reception during the conference??  If so, please contact Melissa Shivers by no later than August 20th!!


Need to know the conference schedule?  Interested in what types of sessions will be presented during the conference?  The Conference Schedule and Interest Sessions are now on-line


For more information or questions, please contact Melissa Shivers at or call 706-583-0271!


Can’t wait to see you all in Dallas, Texas!


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By Gage Paine, 2008 NPI Director
Next summer's NPI will be held from June 16-20, 2008 at Tulane University in New Orleans, LA.  Please be on the look out for more information.
By Gail Cole-Avent, SACSA Research Committee Member
Developing a Writing Schedule


Zerubavel (1991) suggested developing a writing schedule in order to organize and approach the writing process in a focused manner. The writing schedule is a designated routine comprised of specified days and times of each week set aside to write. Zerubavel provided steps to approach this process. The first step is to set priorities. Part of those priorities is deciding how much time can be devoted to the writing process during the week. This requires an evaluation of your typical weekly responsibilities determining where writing time can be inserted. The second step is to plan the writing session by figuring out the amount of time that can be spent on writing. It is important to identify those times based on your optimal times to create a successful product. A time too short or too long may be counterproductive. Ideally, you want to break the writing into work sessions throughout the week. The third step is to figure out your best writing times. Track your effectiveness as a writer throughout the day. Are you more focused or sluggish in the morning, afternoon, or evening? Try each of the times that you have set aside to see which ones work the best. The fourth step is to minimize possible interruptions in order to keep up the momentum while writing. Establish a quiet time by turning off the telephone ringer, instant messenger, e-mail, or any other distractions. The last step is to determine what are your A-times and B-times. A-times are the most optimal times of productivity. B-times may not be the most productive writing time; however, you may still be able to complete tasks that will not interrupt A-time.


Developing a writing schedule takes experimentation. There may be weeks where adjustments are necessary. The writing schedule does not mean that you are writing during all of your free times. Some times may be set aside to prepare to write or review existing written documents (Zerubavel, 1991). Just like adding a new fitness plan to your existing schedule, this process will take time to become a routine. Regardless if you are writing a dissertation, thesis, or work-related report, setting aside writing times may be a beneficial process when you need to complete a project.


Zerabuvel, E. (1991). The clockwork muse. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press.


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The 18th Annual Institute on College Student Values

January 31 - February 2, 2008
Florida State University
Tallahassee, Florida

Creating Campus Conversations:  Finding Common Values Across Diverse Campus Cultures

Open, authentic dialogue about difficult topics is one of the most important characteristics of a vibrant intellectual community. The give and take of honest conversation helps to create genuine community in which individuals are able to listen and communicate openly without fear or intimidation. There is much concern and evidence today that authentic conversations about cultural differences and religious pluralism are increasingly rare on college campuses. Civil dialogue too often gives way to polarizing confrontation about differences. As the forthcoming book by Nash, Bradley and Chickering (How to Talk About Hot Topics on Campus: From Polarization to Moral Conversation) suggests, some topics on campus have become too hot to handle and avoidance has replaced engagement as the norm of campus life.

The 2008 Institute on College Student Values will examine strategies for creating more authentic campus conversations about the many cultural and religious differences that are represented in today's colleges and universities and explore ways to find common values in a time of polarizing differences. Keynote speakers include Dr. Robert Nash and Ms. DeMethra Bradley from the University of Vermont; Dr. Johnetta Cross-Brazzell, Vice-President for Student Affairs at the University of Arkansas; and Dr. James W. Wagner, President of Emory University.

Please visit the Institute website at
for more information, including the Call for Programs (deadline of October 19, 2007). Registration will open online in early September, 2007. We look forward to seeing many of you in Tallahassee this winter!

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Pace University Drive-In Conference: LAID TO REST? The N-Word and Other Language of "Dissed" Respect

Friday, November 2, 2007
Pace University

You are invited to attend the 2007 Pace University Drive-In Conference: LAID TO REST? The N-Word and Other Language of "Dissed" Respect.  The conference theme is intended to promote intellectual discourse about what is arguably the most infamous word in American culture.

I am working diligently to create a forum to educate, unite and uplift those within the African Diaspora and others about what is probably the ugliest racial slur ever created. The day-long conference schedule includes a panel discussion (moderated by Michaela angela Davis, executive fashion and beauty editor of ESSENCE magazine), workshops and special guest speakers. A book-signing by author Jabari Asim (author of, "THE N WORD: WHO CAN SAY IT, WHO SHOULDN'T AND WHY") and a vendor/exhibitor fair is also included. Continental breakfast, lunch and snacks will be served.

Register online at by October 1st to receive the early-bird rate of $85!

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