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October 2007 SACSA-lert
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October 2007


In this issue of the SACSA-lert, you will find:


President's Report



     Conference Information Homepage (REGISTER NOW!!!)

     Top 10 Reasons To Attend the Conference

     Case Study Competition Information

     Major Speakers Information

     Graduate Student Conference Scholarship Information

     Lifetime Membership Nominations

     Call for Resolutions

     Conference Career Services Center

     Resource Room Announcement

     SACSA Foundation Announcement

     Graduate Student-Faculty Forum


Research Tip  ("Using Libraries for Research: Suggestions for the 21st Century")

Career Services Committee: Southern Placement Exchange

The Journal of College Student Affairs: Call for Associate Editors and Reviewers (Contact Dennis Gregory for deadline extension)

Membership Committee Update


Announcement: Clemson University Study Abroad Tour to Ireland

Announcement: CAS Ted K. Miller Achievement of Excellence Award



By Bob Glenn, SACSA President




It seems like the days are flying by at rocket speed now that the school year has resumed.  I am sure that all of you are experiencing the same feeling.  Naturally, part of my stress is related to worrying about the upcoming conference.  Fortunately, with every conference call I have with Program Chair Melissa Shivers and Local Arrangements Chair Misty Smethers I am reminded that we have remarkably capable and organized people in charge.  So, I wanted to just highlight a few items from the upcoming conference.


There are number of new features for this conference, the first change you will see will be on Saturday morning.  This year the Graduate Student – Faculty Forum will be held as a "pre-conference” event.  The GSFF has been a stand alone event in the past and is intended to give graduate students an opportunity to present, as well as to network with their future colleagues.  Graduate Students please remember that there is a travel subsidy available to assist groups of graduate students to travel to the conference.  Check out the details on our website.  Graduate Faculty should be aware of some assistance for those faculty bringing graduate students to the GSFF, again there are details on the website.  And, don’t forget about the annual Case Study Competition.  You can contact Amy Coles ( for details.


Because we want to be supportive of all of our graduate students, as well as new professionals, we have gone the extra mile to make this conference user friendly and easy on the wallet.  We will have an open continental breakfast on Sunday and Monday, along with luncheons on Sunday and Monday, and evening receptions to bring down food costs for those watching their pennies.  I extend a special invitation to all of our "SACSA’s Newest” to join me and Gene Zdiarski and Thomas Moorman for the Presidents’ Reception each evening in the Presidential Suite.


We normally start the conference with a business meeting, but this year we will start with a challenging keynote address.  We have arranged for Greg Lukianoff, the President of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE), to open the conference with a bang.  As many of you know, FIRE is an organization that focuses on upholding individual rights at American colleges and universities.  If you have been in the habit of coming late to the conference, you will want to change that bad habit this year and arrive in time to hear what I guarantee will be an invigorating speech.


One of the end results of this change will be that you are going to get two keynote addresses for the price of one.  On Sunday our keynote address will be given by Gary Pavela.  Widely known as an "authority on academic ethics,” he is also a "Fellow” of the National Association of College and University Attorneys, as well as a recipient of NASPA’s Outstanding Contribution to Literature and Research Award.  You do not want to miss this speech!


Please be sure to take a close look at the Pre-Conference offerings.  The Program Committee has done an excellent job of putting together programs that are sure to enhance your professional development.  The pre-conference offerings bring real value to your conference experience.  They will provide exceptional professional development at unbeatable prices.  Check out the offerings on the website today.


Of course, one of the highlights of the conference each year is the opportunity to enjoy the fellowship you share with your colleagues.  SACSA annual conference has been described as a big "family reunion” where good friends and colleagues get a chance to catch up with one another each year.  To that end the Local Arrangements Committee has put together two terrific opportunities for you to get away from it all with your SACSA Family.  The first chance will be on Sunday evening with a trip to Dave & Buster’s.  Now for those of you unfamiliar with this establish, I can only describe it as a Chuck E. Cheese for adults.  It is great food and all the fun and games you can handle.  Your charge for the evening covers your transportation to Dave & Buster’s, a full meal complete with non-alcoholic beverages, and unlimited gaming.  This event promises to be just plain old fun, so sign up now.


As you know, we have a tradition for the Monday night time slot for Multicultural event that can’t be beat.  When we are on the coast we always have a cruise.  This year we are having a cruise without water.  The Trolley Dine-A-Round will give you a chance to experience some of Dallas’ best cuisine while enjoying the good company of your colleagues.  There is still room on this excursion, but seating is limited.  Sign up now for this great event.


And finally, please note that Daylight Savings Time ends on Sunday morning, November 4.  You will want to remember to set your clock back one hour when you go to bed that evening.


I look forward to seeing each of you at the Conference!  Do good work, stay in touch, and travel safely.


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By Melissa Shivers, Program Chair


10) It's SACSA and you don't want to miss SACSA..especially when it's in the State of Texas!  We have some great friends joining us from NASPA Region III and TACUSPA

9)  Great Keynote Speakers- Greg Lukianoff (President of FIRE), Gary Pavela, a great group of panelist to guide our discussion on Community and Civility!

8) Amazing opportunities to connect with new and old colleagues and friends-Trolley Dine A Round, Dave and Busters, New Professionals Luncheon..the list goes on and on!

7) Do you want to be the only person who DIDN'T attend the conference?  I don't think so....REGISTER!!  


6) We are offering a FREE continental breakfast each morning of the conference!  There are numerous luncheons and evening receptions that will satisfy the HEARTIEST of appetites!!

5) The Pre-Conference and Conference Interest Sessions highlight many of the pressing issues facing Student Affairs Professionals today.  Don't miss them..REGISTER.

4)  The Multicultural Issues Committee(MIC), New Professionals, Resource Room, and Career Services have planed dynamic offerings for you throughout the conference!

3)  Daylight Saving Time Ends while we're there!  You'll be able to enjoy more of your SACSA TIME with one extra hour of meeting, greeting, or sleeping :-)

2)  The Awards Luncheon will feature and honor some of the best and brightest in SACSA. Come out and support your colleagues and friends in the association!

1) and the final and BEST reason you should attend the conference....IT'S SACSA!  Don't miss it!  Register NOW


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By Kevin Koett



Greetings SACSA Colleagues,


As you may know, the SACSA Executive Board has authorized the distribution of travel scholarships to make the conference as affordable as possible for graduate students.  Specifically, students from institutions within 500 miles of Dallas will be eligible for $50.00 scholarships and students from institutions which are more than 500 miles from Dallas will be eligible for $100.00 scholarships.


These funds are intended to assist graduate students with transportation costs associated with attending the conference.  As a result, colleges and universities might consider using the funds to obtain a bus, vans, cars, or other forms of transportation for graduate students.  Funds will be distributed to institutions and not individual students based upon final registration data from the conference.


Scholarships will be allocated as applications are submitted, and will be processed until dedicated funds have been exhausted.  Funds will be disbursed to institutions based upon final conference registration data.  To apply for scholarships, individuals and/or institutions should submit the following data via e-mail (


            1).            Name of Institution

2).            Name(s) of graduate student(s)

            3).            Title(s) of position(s) held by graduate student(s) requesting a scholarship

4).            Name and contact information for professional staff contact regarding this program

            5).            Address to use for sending the re-imbursement check


We look forward to seeing you in Dallas!


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By Ann Bailey, Past-President


Last call for SACSA Lifetime Member Nominees! Do you know of someone who has retired or is planning to retire from our profession that needs to be recognized by SACSA with a lifetime membership? This individual should have a history with SACSA of attending conferences and making leadership or service contributions to the Association. Send your nominations to Ann Bailey, SACSA past president, at, by Monday, October 15, 2007.



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By Laura Waltrip, Resolutions Chair


It's SACSA resolution time! If anyone has a suggested resolution for announcement at the conference, please email it to me at by noon on Monday, October 29. Thanks!


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By Linda Jameison, Career Service Committee Chair

The 2007 SACSA Career Services Committee is hosting a Career Services Center (CSC) to provide the following services for the professional development of the Conference attendees:

  • Access to the Internet for job search related activities
  • On-site resume and cover letter critiques
  • A job posting service for employers to advertise current job vacancies
  • Resumes submitted by student affairs professionals currently seeking employment for employers to review
  • Hours of operation are: 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Sunday, November 4 and Monday, November 5

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By Kevin Jacques


I hope this message finds everyone off to a great start to a new academic year.  I am sending this note to try to reach out to all of the SACSA members for help.  This help is not for me, rather it is for the SACSA organization.  In working with the Resource Room this year at the conference, we are trying to get some new things in there for the benefit of the membership.  What better resource do we have then you the members?  I am asking you all to send me copies of outstanding brochures, manuals, handbooks, posters, etc. that your offices/departments have created so that we can put on display in the Resource Room.  We are all full of amazingly creative ideas so let’s share them with everyone.  If you are willing to help in this endeavor, please email me ( so I can put you on the list.  We are looking for 5-10 copies (or more, if you’re willing to part with them) of your materials.  These items will be available for members to pick up and take back to their own campuses for some creative brainstorming.  Please think about sharing some of your best work with everyone and remember to visit the Resource Room to get some new ideas for yourself.  It's ALMOST SACSA Time!!




SACSA friends of the Foundation. Once again we asked that you donate an item to help with fund raising this year. I know you may be flying so nothing large or fancy. A pen, pencil, t-shirt, pad, cup, or cd case would be fine. I know you have lots of fun and creative items on your campus that people would like, but would not take up a lot of room. If you come drop them off at the Foundation table that would be great. Donations of 25.00 or more will be entitled to a small gift. We will offer a grand prize later in the conference.  Thanks for your help.


By Dean Smedley, Membership Committee Chair

The Membership Committee is excited about the upcoming conference, and we hope you are too!  Please consider inviting someone you know to the conference if you haven't already.  This is a great time to expose professionals to the opportunities for development in our profession.  It is also a great opportunity to take a break from our usual schedule and get encouraged and refreshed for the rest of the year.


Some possible changes are in motion for the Membership Committee, which I believe are positive steps toward making it more effective in the near future.  If you have any ideas or would like to be involved in this area for SACSA, please contact me ( or Colette Taylor (  I look forard to seeing everyone in Dallas!


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