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What Can SACSA Do for You?
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SACSA Benefits

Generalist Organization

The first question you may ask is "Why join a generalist organization?" Excellent question! We reached out to some Chief Student Affairs Officers for reasons why they believe a general organization is beneficial:

"As a senior student affairs officer, I appreciate SACSA because this organization is a worthwhile investment in and support of my professional development that is ongoing, intensive, and connected to research, changing trends, and networking. I think it is very important for student affairs professionals to not only be experts in their content areas, but to also understand how they fit into the larger student affairs and university landscape.

SACSA is a second home for me, and this generalist organization is built on a legacy of inclusivity. Whether you are at the beginning of your career, a faculty member, or a senior student affairs officer, there is a meaningful place for you to network, learn, and grow across the field. ."

~Ellen Neufeldt

SACSA Benefits

Your membership provides you with hard and soft benefits. Here is a list of all the hard benefits you gain by joining SACSA:

Along with the hard benefits, there are many soft benefits:

  • Professional Networking
  • Member Engagement
  • Exposure to new topics, trends, and current issues
  • Professional Development
  • Gain new experiences and skills through SACSA involvement

For Every Professional

SACSA is an organization designed to benefit everyone: from graduate students through Senior Student Affairs Offices.

Graduate Students

Are you a Graduate Student? Well, SACSA is committed to your professional development too! SACSA is a perfect opportunity for you to begin building your network in a small and personal environment. Members find it easier to meet, approach, and network in SACSA than other large professional organizations. A generalist organization is also a great way to engage in functional areas outside of your own, connect with future employers, and find mentors! This is all at an low-affordable rate of $25 a year!

Entry-level professionals

We have found many entry level professionals believe they must join a specialist or national organization to benefit. This is not the case! Those organizations are great and provide good information; however, it is important to remain connected to not only your region, but also general issues facing Student Affairs and Higher Education. Additionally, you never know when your career may take a turn in another functional area. SACSA, as a generalist organization, can provide you the skills in the event that may happen!


It has been our experience that Mid-Managers begin to look for ways to expand their professional and personal horizons! A generalist organization, such as SACSA, is a great way to explore new fields, functional areas, and develop new skills that can prepare you for the next step to Senior Student Affairs Officer. Additionally, becoming involved in SACSA can connect you with future employers and provide you an opportunity to present your strengths!

Senior Student Affairs Officers

It becomes increasingly important for Senior Student Affairs Officers to learn multiple functional areas, particularly as they seek to advance to the Chief Student Affairs role. SACSA provides many opportunities for SSAO to become involved in SACSA Leadership to help you grow as a knowledge leader in Student Affairs. Not to mention, SACSA can provide you with the opportunity to find great employees to come work with you at your institution!


We recognize SACSA may not appear to be a benefit to some faculty, especially for Tenure. However, we provide opportunities for you to potentially become involved with the College Student Affairs Journal, Faculty Symposium, Graduate Prep Programs, Research Opportunities, Dissertation of the Year Award, and opportunities for graduate students. SACSA is a great resource for graduate students, and with faculty involvement and mentor-ship they can become increasingly involved with presentations, posters, etc.

The Southern Region

You may be asking, "which states are members of SACSA?" The following states are affiliated with SACSA:

Alabama Arkansas Florida Georgia
Kentucky Louisiana Maryland Mississippi
North Carolina Oklahoma South Carolina Tennessee
Texas Virginia West Virginia The District of Columbia


However, you do not have to be in a member state, to benefit from SACSA. We have an associate membership for those outside of the SACSA region!

Membership Fees

You are able to receive all of these benefits and more for our low-affordable regular membership rate:

Membership Type Term Cost
Regular Membership 1 Year $50
Regular Membership 2 Years $90
Regular Membership 3 Years $130 (BEST DEAL)
Student* 1 Year $25
Associate* 1 Year $50
If you're interested, you can become a SACSA member here!

A graduate student who is enrolled at least halftime in a college student affairs curriculum or in a closely related field is eligible for student membership. Full time professionals who are taking classes are not considered graduate students.

Associate Membership is extended for those regular members and graduate students who live outside the SACSA region. Members who retire or change positions and no longer meet the criteria for regular or graduate membership are also eligible for Associate memberships.

Contact Us

Ph: (912) 344-2510
Fax: (912) 344-3468

Our Mission
The mission of the Southern Association for College Student Affairs is to advance:
  • Opportunities for professional development;
  • Scholarship, research, and ethical practice; and
  • Understanding of issues impacting students and the student affairs profession, while fostering our core values of inclusiveness, professionalism, and collegiality.