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COVID-19 Resources

This page is dedicated to resources and updates regarding impacts to the operations of the Association due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

A Message from President, Jason Cassidy



  1. Has the 2020 SACSA Annual Conference with NASPA Region III been canceled?
    • Unfortunately, yes. The Executive Council is currently working with our hotel vendor to host the 2021 conference in Norfolk, Virginia.
  2. Why has the conference been canceled?
    • Many institutions have frozen travel funds, many are experiencing budget cuts and furloughs, many of our volunteers don’t have the bandwidth right now to plan and execute a conference, and our sponsors and exhibitors are also being impacted in similar ways.  Plus, by making this decision now we mitigate the financial loss to the Association due to canceling the hotel contract.
  3. How will my membership dues be impacted this year?
    • Joshua McKee, Vice President for Marketing, is currently working with our membership database company to extend all current SACSA memberships by one year at no cost to you! Membership extensions will apply to all current members when the records are updated on or around June 1, 2020. Between now and June 1, 2020 is a great time for new SACSA members to join the Association - they'll get an addition FREE year!
  4. Will there be programming throughout the year since there is not going to be an annual conference?
    • Yes! The Executive Council is currently identify opportunities to engage membership virtually over the comping months and year. In a future update, members will be able to provide ideas to the Executive Council. Get ready for….a replication of some of our signature, popular conference sessions; engagement with conference sponsors; discussion-based webinars, practical roundtables, and a common read space; membership socials, check-ins, and happy hours; continued episodes of SACSA Podcasts; and an exploration of mini-grant opportunities.
  5. How will leadership positions be impacted by the cancellation of the annual conference?
    • The Executive Council asks that you consider extending the length of all leadership positions by one year. A ballot will be sent to all voting eligible members in the coming weeks, and we ask that you give this a considerable amount of consideration.
  6. How is SACSA's financial stability?
    • The past leaders of our Association prepared us to weather this pandemic and the subsequent financial crisis. The financial health and stability of SACSA is strong. The loss of our 2020 conference will not cause financial strain on the operations and services of our Association. So, thank you to those who came before us.
  7. Is there any easy way for me to stay engaged with SACSA in the meantime?
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The mission of the Southern Association for College Student Affairs is to advance:
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